best lump charcoal for big green egg

Choosing The Best Lump Charcoal For Big Green Egg- Buyers Guide for 2023

Lump Charcoal is best known for its long-lasting, even heat. It is used in many different types of grills and smokers. There are many benefits to choosing lump charcoal over briquettes or gas because it releases flavor rather than chemicals into the food. Lump Charcoal comes in various sizes, it doesn’t crumble easily in comparison to cheaper charcoal which is too small and turned to dust quickly. The best lump charcoal for big green egg depends on how you plan on using your grill or smoker more specifically if you plan on cooking low and slow or hot and fast!

When you have a Big Green Egg, you need to get the best lump charcoal fitted for your smoker. There are many different types of charcoal out there and it can be hard to decide which one is the best choice. You want something that will provide consistent heat without too much ash or flare-ups. This article discusses the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg smoker, so check it out!

best lump charcoal for big green egg

What is Big Green Egg for?

The Big Green Egg is one of the best smoker/grills on the market. It is made of all-natural ceramic which allows for even cooking temperatures and quality flavor. The temperature is easily controlled with the air dampers, and if you close off too many vents it will cool down to lower temperatures as well. It is also built for low and slow cooking but can be used for high temperatures as well. This video below shows you how you can use your Big Green Egg.

Why use lump charcoal?

Lump charcoal is the best choice for the Big Green Egg because it produces high-quality flavor. Additionally, lump charcoal burns evenly and consistently which means you do not have to tend to your grill very often. Lump charcoal is also much cleaner than other types of wood or charcoal fuels.

Because lump charcoal produces wonderful high-quality flavor, it’s ideal for the Big Green Egg. Using lump charcoal in your Big Green Egg has several advantages compared to other types of charcoal. It burns hotter and faster than briquettes that allow easier temperature control, produces less ash and is made entirely of natural ingredients. Other forms of fuel, such as common wood/charcoal, smoke wood, briquettes, and others, produce particles that can create harsh tastes.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing lump charcoal for your Big Green Egg is that most companies use eco-friendly resources in their production. While smoking with other fuels can produce ashes resulting in a dirty grill, lump charcoal only leaves the residue of the natural wood and produces no ashes.

Lump charcoal is best for your Big Green Egg because it provides great flavor and pleasant aroma to your smoked barbeque. No other forms of fuel produce this type of taste or yield such consistent results. Additionally, lump charcoal doesn’t cause any grime like other types of fuel do.

Types of Lump Charcoal

It’s very important to know what various sorts of lump charcoals are available on the market. There are several manufacturers that provide the same goods, but you must choose the best option. Most significantly, those goods that truly suit your Big Green Egg Smoker. Below are my top four options for purchasing products that would be worth buying for.

Best Choices Features
#1 Jealous Devil Natural HardwoodNo fillers, chemicals, or toxic ingredients. Premium lump charcoal
#2 Kamado Joe Hardwood Lump Charcoal100% genuine hardwood charcoal, burns hotter and longer
#3 Springbok Braai Premium Lump Charcoal100% all-natural, comes from renewable oak
4. Rockwood Lump CharcoalMade from 100% renewable resources

Benefits of using Lump Charcoal

There are many benefits of using lump charcoal, including the best features that would be great for your Big Green Egg. However, it is best to understand the benefits of using lump charcoal in general. Lump Charcoal is best for the Big Green Egg because it is best used with low and slow cooking. It also produces a high-quality flavor that other types of fuel cannot provide.  

Without getting into many details, here is a list of benefits of using lump charcoal:

·  Burns hotter and longer

·  Creates a tastier, more natural flavor

·  Produces best results for low and slow cooking

·  Cleans up faster and easier than other types of fuel

·  No chemicals, fillers, or additives

·  Does not cause ash or dirty grills

·  All natural wood which is best for the Big Green Egg

Choosing the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg

best lump charcoal for big green egg

You’d think that all lump charcoals are great since they typically include wood to maintain the product natural, but this isn’t always the case.

There are several various manufacturers on the market, so take a look for yourself and choose carefully. If you’d rather just go with the easy route and purchase some lump charcoal for your Big Green Egg then let’s take a look at the factors in choosing the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg.


When it comes to choosing the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg, you should consider the size because it’s essential for smoking or grilling. Cheaper charcoals can be a waste of money. Size matters a lot and should not have to be huge but also not too small, which causes it to be crumbly and easily turn to dust.  

-Heat Factor

Another factor is to choose lump charcoal that will light quickly and heat up rapidly. Many charcoal choices seem to take an eternity to heat up. If you shop carefully, you may avoid this kind of product because it’s useless.


Take a closer look at the lump charcoal’s make-up. You’ll want to use natural components that do not include chemicals. The components play an important to make your grill experience great and flavorful!

If you use inexpensive lump charcoal that isn’t all-natural, you may notice an unpleasant odor coming from the charcoal. You might even detect an unpleasant odor or taste on your food which you would never want to happen.

Tips on how to use lump Charcoal

Using lump charcoal is really simple, it is also helpful if you go through the user’s guide of the product you bought. Below are some extra tips that are helpful for your grill adventures!

– Open the bag and let it sit for a couple of hours to allow excess moisture to dissipate. Remove large chunks which do not fit in the Big Green Egg.

– Place a medium-sized piece of lump charcoal on top of a pre-heated plate setter, and add wood chunks.

– Using a torch, ignite the lump charcoal and add more when needed. When cooking for long periods of time, add more charcoal as needed.

– If using a Big Green Egg smoker, add lump charcoal to the firebox. When using smaller pieces of lump charcoal, place them in a chimney starter and fill the chimney to the top of the charcoal.

– Light using a long match or lighter, do not use lighter fluid.

Tips for cooking on your new grill’s surface  

best lump charcoal for big green egg

It’s great to have a piece of new barbecue equipment at your home, but it’s even better when you know how to make your grill last longer and learn some care instructions for your Big Green Egg. It doesn’t take much experience to operate your new grill. All you need is a little know-how to get it up and running your new grill’s surface. Here are some tips that may help:

-Clean Up

Cleaning the interior, racks, or grates with mild soap will be helpful in removing manufacturing oils and rust.

-Air Drying

After you clean your new smoker, it is best to let it air dry. This is the best way to keep the smoker thoroughly clean.

-Season with cooking oil

Cooking oil is a fantastic way to keep your new grill or smoker in good working order. It will not only prevent your favorite grill equipment from corroding but also it will help last longer.

Why should you consider buying the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg?

best lump charcoal for big green egg

Buying the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg can be very helpful with your grill experience. It doesn’t only save you more money but also brings satisfaction when you taste your fresh smoke food. Lump charcoal is not only recommended for Big Green Egg but also for all the other high-quality grills. It’s simple to use, easy to store, and purchased a large amount in a bag. Its clean-up is simple and straightforward. It will help your grill last longer when maintained and the taste is superior.

As always, read your owner’s manual and follow recommendations when using a new grill or smoker. Make sure to be safe and have a great time. Lump charcoal for the Big Green Egg is not expensive, making it affordable to all. It’s both easy and flavorful without the effort of other methods.

In cooking, lumps of charcoal are becoming increasingly popular. It’s simple to use and inexpensive, which is great news. One of the best things about lump charcoal is that it burns long and hot, making it ideal for grilling. Lumpy charcoal also lasts longer and produces less ash than traditional briquettes.

Final Takeaway

Choosing the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right choices, you can make a perfect meal on your grill. The best part? It’s not too expensive at all! I hope that this article was helpful in understanding what you’re looking for when purchasing the best lump charcoal for Big Green Egg.

If you found this post helpful for you, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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