can cou cook bacon in a crock pot

Can you cook bacon in a crock pot? 12 Best ways to know

Cooking bacon can be a tricky process that can ruin your morning routine if you don’t do it right. If you’re looking to get up and go instead of cooking breakfast, then this blog post is for you! In this article, I will discuss how can you cook bacon in a crock pot so that it can be ready when you wake up or come home from work. Cooking bacon in the crock pot can save time and give your kitchen a break from grease splatters.

Why can you cook bacon in crock pot?

It can be difficult to find time in the day for cooking. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to cook a full meal after work, or you’re feeling too lazy on a Sunday afternoon. A crock pot solves this problem. The crock pot allows you to cook your food over many hours and then puts it on warm when it’s done so that dinner is ready whenever you want it to be.

How can you cook bacon in crock pot really well?

can you cook bacon in a crock pot

There are many crockpot recipes out there that tell us about how can you cook bacon in crock pot? But why would you want to cook your bacon in the crock pot? Well, it’s simple. The crock pot is perfect for cooking bacon because of how long it takes and how easy it is.

All you need to do is set the crock pot on low, put a layer of water at the bottom, line up your slices of bacon with enough room between them so they won’t touch each other (you don’t want soggy bacon!), cover with a lid, and walk away. Don’t worry about checking every hour or two like you might if you were frying or pan-frying; just let the crock pot do its magic and you’ll have tasty crock pot-cooked bacon in about six hours.

Things required to cook bacon in crock pot

In order to cook bacon in a crock pot, you need the following items:

– Bacon

– Crock pot. (Make sure that it can fit your amount of bacon! If needed, cut the slices in half so they can lie flat on top of each other and fill up all parts of the slow cooker.)

– Paper towels (optional)

The procedure of cooking bacon in crockpot

can you cook bacon in a crock pot

Let me explain how can you cook bacon in a crock pot. To begin cooking bacon in a crock pot, simply place a few paper towels onto a plate and layout your strips of raw bacon across them evenly. The paper towel method can be used to absorb excess fat from cooked meat when finished cooking but is optional for this recipe. After laying out your strips on the plate, put them into the fridge overnight if you can. Doing this can reduce the amount of grease that is released while cooking in a crock pot.

After your bacon has been refrigerated, take it out and lay it evenly onto the bottom of your slow cooker or Crock pot. Turn on high heat if you are preparing breakfast for yourself, but turn down to low heat if you aren’t home yet or will be returning later after work. After putting all strips into the slow cooker, close the lid until secure and let cook for about 30 minutes per pound at least (the longer they cook, the crispier they get). It can also help to flip them over mid-way through cooking so both sides can absorb flavor from spices added beforehand as well as any fat/grease release.

After your bacon has finished cooking, remove the strips carefully with tongs and place them on top of paper towels to absorb excess grease. Then enjoy. You can eat it as is or cook eggs in the leftover fat/grease for added flavor while frying up breakfast.

Night Time Duty

If you are preparing this recipe at night before bedtime, turn off the slow cooker once cooked thoroughly so that no additional heat can release into the air overnight which can cause a fire hazard if accidentally left on too long without being supervised. Remember to take out all remaining slices individually beforehand instead of trying to scoop everything out at once when done because they will be very hot. Once cooled down, simply keep any extra pieces wrapped tightly in plastic inside an airtight container until ready to be eaten.

How can you cook raw bacon in crock pot?

If cooking raw bacon, rather than pre-cooked or precooked bacon, the total time will be longer. You can also cook several pounds of slab or sliced bacon at a time if your crock pot is large enough. If using a smaller crock pot for just one pound of slab/sliced bacon, slice into thirds so they fit better. This way you won’t need to check on them as often since there are fewer (thinner) slices that will dry out faster.

Can you cook pre-cooked bacon in a crock pot?

Pre-cooked bacon crock pot recipes are great for camping trips or taking to the beach because there’s no need to cook it over a fire/stove; just eat as is. To make crock pot precooked bacon that stays fresh longer (until you’re ready to use it), store your crock pot-cooked bacon in an airtight container like Tupperware. This way, if you ever want some leftover crock pot pre-cooked bacon but don’t want the hassle of cooking more every time, you can put what you need into Tupperware and keep it out on the counter until it’s gone…no fuss!

What about Turkey or Ham?

You can also cook turkey slices, ham steaks (or any other meat) using this method. Just follow the crock pot-cooked bacon recipe, but cook your ham or turkey in place of the bacon. This is great for holidays when you need to feed a lot of people and don’t want to be stuck cooking all day.

How can you cook bacon in crock pot with foil?

can you cook bacon in a crock pot

Bacon is amazing food, but cooking it can present a challenge. The bacon grease splatters everywhere, and if you’re not careful your stove could end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. In the past, I’ve spread aluminum foil on my stovetop then placed a cooling rack on top of that. The bacon cooks fine this way, but the cleanup afterward leaves something to be desired. Sometimes bits of burned or stuck-on foil remain – they aren’t exactly difficult to scrub off with some warm water and soap, but it’s still one more step than most people want to deal with after eating breakfast.

I set out to how can you cook bacon in crock pot, with no mess or fuss. Here are the results:

First, a small square of aluminum foil goes into the bottom of your slow cooker. You can use a larger piece if you want to line the whole crock pot – just make sure there’s enough room for bacon to sit on top of it!

Bacon strips go next, directly onto the foil. The foil serves two purposes: It prevents bits of food that get stuck or burnt onto the bottom surface from ruining future meals, and it keeps grease splatters off your stove when you cook this bacon in later batches. If one stripper batch isn’t enough for you (I went with four), simply double up the foil squares so they cover more area under each slice. Who doesn’t love more bacon?

Close the lid, and cook on high for 2.5 hours. I might have cooked it a bit longer, but the bacon was still pretty sizzling when I went to check up on it. If you plan on cooking your bacon in one go instead of a bunch of batches, you can put the lid back on and reduce the time by 30 minutes or so at this point.

Using tongs or a fork, remove each strip from its foil square and let it cool on a plate with paper towels. The finished product tastes just as good as what you’d get from your average stove-top method – maybe even better! Your stove stays clean, your house smells amazing, and you’ve got less work than usual ahead of you thanks to the clever use of aluminum.

How can you cook bacon in any size crock pot?

The size of your crock pot will determine how many slices or pounds of bacon you can cook at one time. A good rule to follow is 1 pound of raw bacon per 1-2 hours on low, depending on the temperature and how much fat there is in your batch. You can also purchase a package that contains five smaller lunch-sized crock pots that each hold about 4 cups.

The standard 6-quart slow cooker holds 5 pounds of uncooked sliced bacon comfortably without overcrowding, allowing it room to breathe while cooking. This slow cooker heats up evenly across all sides which ensures even cooking throughout the entire dish.

Can I cook bacon in a crockpot without frying it beforehand?

Yes, you can cook bacon in a crock-pot. It is not necessary to fry the bacon before cooking it in the crock-pot. The only reason why people advise you to fry your bacon first is that bad-quality crock pots do not get hot enough and will make your bacon go soggy. If you use good quality crock-pots (like KitchenAid) there’s no need to fry your bacon first.

Reasons to Choose Crock pot to cook Bacon

One crock pot is low-cost and easy to use!

A crock pot can be purchased for less than $50. It hardly requires any cooking skills, you simply need to add your ingredients in the morning before work or school and let it cook while you’re away. No more waiting until dinner time – enjoy a meal whenever you want with crockpots convenience.

All crock pots are safe to use at home too which means that even if no one else has cooked that day there’s still food ready for everyone when they get back from their busy days. A crock pot will save money on electricity because once it reaches its cooking temperature it doesn’t require additional heat so running costs are minimal compared to other kitchen appliances.

One crock pot saves time and allows meals at any hour

You shouldn’t have to wait until dinner time every day just because that’s when everyone else has free time. With a crock pot, there will always be something ready no matter what part of the day it is, so dinner times become irrelevant.

 Crock pots make cooking simple too as all you need to do is read through some easy recipes before purchasing ingredients then place them in the crock pot in the morning, turn it on, and let your food cook while you’re away. When you get home simply prepare some side dishes or a salad to accompany it. This means that crock pots are especially useful for busy people who don’t have time to make their own meals during the day but still want healthy homemade dinners every night – crock pots solve this problem easily.

You can choose what goes into your crock pot

When cooking with other appliances such as ovens or microwaves there is only so much control over the ingredients and taste of foods, but with crock pots, you can use whatever ingredients (and recipes) you like without having any limitations set by electricity-powered machines. Crock pots work particularly well with low-cost ingredients too.

 Crock pot cooking is a great way to save money on your food shopping because you can buy cheaper cuts of meat and they’ll still taste delicious once cooked in a crock pot.

Crock pots allow flexibility when it comes to timing

As mentioned before crock pots work best with busy schedules so if dinner time doesn’t always fall at the same hour each day then this is no longer an issue. A crock pot allows you to cook whenever you like by simply setting the crock pot to cook for a few hours, or even days if you need it. The crock pot will automatically switch to keeping your food warm until you’re ready to eat it so mealtimes can be arranged around other activities.

One crock pot is enough

If you want a healthy alternative cooking method then buying one crock pot may seem like overkill when there are only two adults in the house and maybe also some children who could benefit from its convenience. However, crock pots come at relatively low prices (especially when compared to other kitchen appliances such as ovens) and they make up for their initial cost ease of use and versatility. A crock pot can be used for more than just cooking and this is why it serves as a worthwhile investment.

Final Takeaway

I have been experimenting with cooking bacon in the crock pot for some time now. I have to say that the best results came from starting the bacon on high for about 15-30 minutes, then set it to low for another 1-2 hours till desired crispness was reached. This method produced the most evenly cooked, perfectly browned, crispy bacony goodness EVER! Even my kids were going crazy over this stuff.

Some might argue it’s healthier because there is no need for added fat to cook, but others might say it’s less tasty and soggy compared to frying on the stovetop. The only real takeaway from this experiment would be that cooking bacon in a crock pot could theoretically be done by anyone who chooses to do so and enjoy their meal regardless of what any article said about it.

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