why is my pellet stove using so many pellets?

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets? Avoid these 6 factors

Why is my pellet stove using so many pellets?

It’s no secret that pellet stoves use more pellets than open fireplaces.

But did you know that they also require your attention? There are a few common reasons your pellet stove might use too many pellets, and each one has an easy solution. Let’s look at how you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself! 

The most common cause of a pellet stove using too many pellets is that the vent damper needs to be opened. 

  • Turn the vent to the open position and see if you notice a decrease in pellets used. If so, leave it open when you’re not using your stove to prevent it from using more than necessary. Ensure your chimney is clear since an obstruction can increase pellet usage. 
  • Clear out any creosote by opening the damper and adding some dry paper into the firebox. Let it burn until it starts smoking before closing off the damper again. Depending on how often you use your stove, you’ll want to use this technique every few months or so.

But Why Is My Pellet Stove Using So Many Pellets? 

There are many reasons your pellet stove uses more pellets than average. It could be as simple as the pellets being wet or the bed needing to be cleaned. 

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets

In any case, here are some common symptoms and causes of excessive pellet usage:

1) The first thing to do is check and clean your pellet stove. You may need to get out your vacuum cleaner if it’s smoking and using a lot of pellets. 

2) A clogged air filter is one of many reasons a pellet stove uses more pellets than usual and causes poor heat output. If you suspect your air filter has been clogged, you’ll want to check it immediately and clean or replace it as needed.

3) Too much smoke. Pellet stoves do not produce much smoke compared to other heating systems. 

However, if your pellet stove is producing too much smoke than usual, that’s another reason why it might be using more pellets than expected and also causes poor heat output. 

Again, check for an air filter in the hopper and make sure it’s clear. You can even clean the outside of your stove with a damp cloth and ensure there isn’t dust on it from lack of use. 

4) Bad pellets. Sometimes bad-quality pellets will cause your stove to work harder than usual and use more fuel. If you’re burning a new pellet, try sticking with this brand. Wait to shift to another type until the stove breaks in fully to avoid overworking it.

5) Combustion settings are too low. Lowering the combustor setting will only sometimes work because the thermostat will shut down automatically when the desired temperature is reached.

Why is my pellet stove using so many pellets?

6) Low supply of oxygen. If you wonder why is my pellet stove using so many pellets, check its oxygen consumption. Your pellet stove needs adequate airflow for combustion, so make sure furniture, rugs, curtains, etc don’t block your intake vents.

7) Power outage. Ensure that your power hasn’t gone out and that you have enough backup batteries charged up to last several days in the event of a power outage.

6) Drafty area. Make sure that windows or doors near the pellet stove are closed so drafty air doesn’t come inside, causing problems with combustion and increasing the consumption of pellets. Avoid high heat and low combustors.

Fixing the high-combusting pellet stove

Once I’ve known “why is my pellet stove using so many pellets,” I’ll follow these steps:.

1) Check the manufacturer’s suggested settings

One way to ensure your pellet stove is burning as efficiently as possible is to burn it with the correct settings. This can vary from stove to stove, so it’s best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model. If you still need to decide what setting to choose, a good rule of thumb is to put your pellet stove on the highest setting that doesn’t exceed 80% of its maximum capacity. You can adjust this percentage depending on how many pellets you want per day and how much heat you need in the room.

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets

If you’ve been heating your home at night, try turning off your stove before bedtime. It’s okay if the temperature drops during this time: when it starts warming up again in the morning, your heater will automatically turn back on and warm up just like any other heater would.

2) Make sure the stove is adequately vented

Make sure your stove is adequately vented. 

If you have a pellet stove, ensure the air vent and chimney are clear of debris and that the intake door is shut tight. These two things can cause too much pressure to build up in the firebox, which means more pellets will be used to maintain an even temperature throughout the room. 

A blocked air vent can also cause this problem because the smoke created by burning fuel cannot escape through the exhaust pipe. If your stove seems to be getting warmer than it should, this may be the problem.

3) Inspect the pellet delivery system

If your pellet stove is not running efficiently and using a lot of pellets, there may be an issue with the delivery system. 

Check for any blockages in the chute or hopper and ensure all parts are functioning correctly. You can also adjust the hopper to try to use fewer pellets. 

Keep an eye on the air supply: The air supply will impact how many pellets you need to feed into the fire. Make sure it’s set at maximum efficiency. 

And remember the damper: An incorrectly set damper can significantly impact how many pellets you need to feed into the fire.

4) Check for air leaks.

One way you can figure out if there are any air leaks in your pellet stove is to put a bucket of water on the floor next to the stove. Place one side of the bucket against the wall. Put some rocks on top of it, so it’s not going anywhere. 

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets

Fill up your pellet stove and wait for about 10-15 minutes, then check whether or not the water level in the bucket has changed. If it has, you know there is an air leak somewhere. 

You’ll have to get a maintenance specialist to find out where it is. You might also notice that your pellets are burning faster than before because they’re having to work extra hard to get enough oxygen into the room due to this air leak. Fixing this will help increase efficiency significantly!

5) Have the stove serviced by a professional

If you have a pellet stove that uses more pellets than it used to, you may need to have it serviced by a professional. 

This can help prevent any issues with the stove from worsening and causing safety concerns. 

A qualified technician will examine your appliance thoroughly and make sure there are no cracks or gaps where air could get in, which would cause the stove to not work as well or use more fuel. 

A new part might also be needed if they find something wrong with your appliance to fix it before anything gets worse. Once they have fixed the issue, they will show you how to maintain your device, so it doesn’t happen again.

How to divert too much air in pellet stoves?

If your pellet stove is burning more pellets than usual, it could be due to a few factors. 

For one, you may need to clean the chimney and ensure that there’s not too much air coming in from another heat source. It could also be because the insulation on your pellet stove should be fixed as it should.

Here are some tips to make sure your home stays warm this winter using a pellet stove:

  • Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If it gets too high, reduce the air intake by closing off one of the louvers.
  • Check that the hopper is full of pellets and refuel when necessary. 
  • If the ash builds up in front of the stove, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or broom.
  • Use fans or open windows near the stove to distribute heat evenly throughout the room.
  • Allow cold air into rooms at night so your pellet furnace doesn’t work as hard during the day. Keep clothes dryer vents unobstructed to provide warmth through the ducts in winter.

Flame guide for pellet stove consuming excessive pellets

Make sure that your burner is set to a low setting. If it’s too hot, it will burn through pellets quickly.

The amount of pellets consumed by a pellet stove largely depends on the unit’s size and efficiency. 

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets

If you’re using a small, inefficient unit, it will use more pellets than a larger, more efficient unit. 

  • Consider how many hours you’ll use the stove to ensure that your required fuel supply matches your needs.
  • If you’ve made some changes to your home’s insulation or if there are drafts in the room with your heating system, these can cause increased consumption rates.
  • Check around windows and doors to see if they might need caulking. Check vents to make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture, etc.

Learn how to use wood pellets in a charcoal grill if you love extra woody notes in your grilled foods. 

What are the best pellets for an indoor pellet stove?

The best pellets for an indoor pellet stove are kiln-dried hardwood pellets. They are the most efficient fuel type and tend to last longer than other types of pellets. 

“Hardwood pellets also produce less ash, so there is less cleaning involved with your stove.” 

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets

One downside to hardwood pellets is that they are more expensive than other pellets. However, if you buy them in bulk, you can save some money. 

If you’re starting out with a new pellet stove and have never used it before, it’s a good idea to start out with puny bags of pellets so that you can get a feel for how much heat it provides and how quickly the pellets burn. 

These pellets are also best suited for grilling. Do you know how long does pellets last in a pit boss grill?

FAQS on pellet stove troubleshooting

1) Why are stove pellets not burning completely?

Pellets not burning completely can be due to several reasons: your pellets are too wet, not enough airflow, or too much ash buildup.

2) Are my pellets too wet? 

If your pellets are too wet, they won’t burn either. You can fix this by adding more air supply to the system so it will dry out the pellets better. The more moisture in the air, the less moisture in the wood (or other fuel). 

3) How do I increase airflow in the pellet stove?

There are three possible reasons your pellet stove uses so many pellets. 

  • The first reason is if a blanket or rug blocks your air intake. 
  • The second reason is if the fan in the back of the stove has stopped working, which can be fixed by disconnecting the power cord from the wall and then plugging it back in. 
  • The third reason could be that your fuel system isn’t working properly, which will require you to get an expert to come out and fix it.

4) What should I do if there is an excess of ash? 

An excess of ash in your fireplace, maybe caused by burning too many pellets at once. 

why is my pellet stove using so many pellets
  • Try to burn up to two pounds (or less) of pellets per hour. You can also add a few pieces of hardwood to the fire to help control the amount of ash. 
  • A log or small pieces of wood about the size of a coffee mug work best for this purpose.
  • The best way to add fuel to your pellet stove is with an automatic feeder, which will allow you to regulate the rate at which fuel is added and ensure that if any pellets are left over from previous use, they will not go unused. Automatic feeders have a timer built in so that they shut off after each cycle and turn on again when needed.

5) How often should I clean my fireplace insert or blower box?

Excess amounts of ash on the floor should be swept up and removed from your home. If you have a chimney, use the brush attachment to clear any ash buildup at the base of your chimney. If you do not have a vent, ensure the ashes are not building up around your firebox, as this can lead to fire damage.

The bottom line

It took me some time to understand “why is my pellet stove using so many pellets?”. I have listed all the symptoms, possible causes, and solutions to save you time and money. I hope this helps. 

I would love to know which remedy works best for you!

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